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Yageo Chip Resistors
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Yageo Chip Resistors

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Chip Resistor Product Overview

                                Yageo is one of the world's largest chip resistor suppliers, providing and satisfying a variety of market applications, including automotive, industrial, alternative energy and consumer electronics. Yageo offers a full range of chip resistors, including automotive metal current sensors, thin film precision resistors, anti-surge resistors, high power resistors, high voltage resistors, series resistors, micro (01005 and 0075) resistors and More specifications.


                                The composition of the circuit board contains a large number of components, of which the chip resistor can guarantee the performance and reliability of the finished product. Yageo's excellent quality system and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology can ensure that resistance meets various requirements. Through Yageo's stable product quality and innovative services, customers can get greater benefits. 


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