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Yageo Chip Capacitor
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Yageo Chip Capacitor

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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Product Overview

                                  Driven by the endless pursuit of small size and stability of electronic equipment, multilayer ceramic capacitors have become one of the most researched and competitive capacitors on the market.

                                  As a major supplier of multilayer ceramic capacitors, Yageo continues to allocate research and development resources on product development, manufacturing excellence and quality assurance.

                                 Yageo is committed to providing complete multilayer ceramic capacitor products for a variety of applications, including consumer electronics, industrial and heavy machinery, automotive electronic systems.

                                 The types of our multilayer ceramic capacitors are: general-purpose, ultra-small size, high-voltage capacitors, high-frequency AC high-frequency capacitors, automotive capacitors, safety capacitors, low quality capacitors and others.

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