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Fenghua chip capacitors
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Fenghua chip capacitors

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Fenghua chip capacitor characteristics

※High frequency: The capacitors of this dielectric material are Class I capacitors, including general-purpose high-frequency COG, COH capacitors and temperature-compensated high-frequency HG, LG, PH, RH, SH, TH, UJ, SL capacitors. Among them, the electrical performance of COG and COH capacitors is the most stable, and it hardly changes with temperature, voltage and time. It is suitable for high-frequency circuits with low loss and high stability requirements. SL capacitors change in response to temperature changes and are suitable for low-loss, temperature-compensated circuits.
※ Capacitors of this dielectric material are Class II capacitors, which have a higher dielectric constant, higher capacity than Class I capacitors, and have relatively stable temperature characteristics. They are suitable for circuits with a wide range of capacity and low stability requirements, such as isolation Straight, coupling, bypass, frequency discrimination and other circuits.
※Y5V:This type of dielectric material capacitor is a type II capacitor, which is the capacitor with the largest dielectric constant among all capacitors, but its capacitance stability is poor, and it is sensitive to conditions such as temperature and voltage. It is suitable for circuits that require large capacity and little temperature change. in.
※Z5U:Capacitors of this dielectric material are Class II capacitors, which have temperature characteristics between X7R and Y5V, have poor capacity stability, are sensitive to conditions such as temperature and voltage, and are suitable for applications that require large capacity and use temperature range close to room temperature. Bypass, coupling, etc., in low DC bias circuits.
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