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· It has a very high working electric field strength, which is larger than any type of capacitor, so as to ensure its miniaturization;

· It is very convenient to obtain a larger electric capacity, and there are few competitors in the use of power supply filtering, AC bypass, etc.;

· It has unidirectional conductivity, so-called "polarity". When applied, the current should be connected in the positive and negative directions of the power supply. The anode (positive) of the capacitor is connected to the power supply "+", and the cathode (negative) is connected to the power supply "— "If it is connected incorrectly, not only will the capacitor fail to function, but the leakage current will be large, and the core will heat up in a short time, destroying the oxide film and then failing;

· The working voltage has a certain upper limit flat value, but the shortcomings in this respect can be compensated by the transistor or integrated circuit power supply;

· Have the ability to store electricity, charge and discharge, etc.;

· Executive standards:QJ/PWV109-2003.


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