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· With extremely low ESR and low ESL [equivalent series inductance], it can be used in higher frequency filter circuits;

· It will not burn or explode during accidental breakdown, will not cause fire and secondary breakdown effects, and has excellent safety;

· Used in low-impedance switching power supply circuit, insensitive to surge current and voltage, only need to derate 10-20% to use, it can ensure high safety, and the failure rate is very low;

· Low internal resistance has higher wave resistance, the heat generated during filtering and high-power discharge is greatly reduced, the filtering effect is better, and the discharge waveform is easier to meet the technical requirements;

· The reliability is an order of magnitude higher than that of chip tantalum capacitors with manganese dioxide as the cathode;

· It can be used in high-ripple filter circuits and high-power high-frequency discharge circuits without significant derating;

· Executive standards: QJ/PWV517-2013.


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