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Product introduction

 MX -- cap (chip tantalum electrolytic capacitor) is made of sintered tantalum compacts as the positive electrode and led out through the inserted tantalum wire. A dielectric film is formed on the surface of tantalum particles by special process. Outside the dielectric film, conductive manganese dioxide is deposited by our decomposition process as the negative electrode of the electric container and led out through graphite and silver paste. Finally, the chip tantalum electrolytic capacitor with large capacity and small volume is formed by frame assembly and molding.

  MX -- cap is divided into CA45 series, CA45A series, CA45B (low ESR) and ca45u series (ultra-low ESR) according to ESR (equivalent series resistance)

MX -- cap also includes cn45 series. Cn45 series has higher ripple resistance and surge resistance. The service voltage at the rated temperature is almost close to the rated voltage. After breakdown failure, it hardly burns or explodes, and the capacity and loss of the product can still be maintained. At this time, it is equivalent to a high resistance, and its breakdown will not affect the surrounding components.


Product structure chart