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Product introduction

PX cap (organic polymer tantalum electrolytic capacitor) has basically the same structure as conventional chip tantalum electrolytic capacitor, but PX cap uses conductive polymer organic polymer as the cathode of the capacitor, which is connected with the dielectric layer of Ta2O5, So PX cap tantalum electrolytic capacitor has ultra-low ESR and excellent temperature performance. PX cap optional gold-plated lead terminals bring better storage performance and excellent solderability.

Niobium oxide capacitor (Pxn) * based on traditional tantalum capacitor, niobium oxide is used as the cathode material of capacitor. Compared with tantalum, niobium oxide has a very high flash point, and a high resistance oxide is formed between NBO and Nb2O5 during breakdown, which can effectively prevent the damage to the circuit after short circuit.


Product structure chart