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China Resources Microelectronics takes a number of measures to cope with the "global chip shortage"

In 2021, the domestic new crown will gradually cease to be mentioned, and the term "chip" has slowly increased; since the second half of last year, the global manufacturing industry chain has fallen into a continuous "chip shortage tide", including automobiles, mobile phones, and small home appliances. Wait. The reason for this chip shortage is mainly due to the limited production capacity of the manufacturing foundry. As a chip company with the highest production capacity in China, China Resources Microelectronics has taken various measures to help "core manufacturing."



At present, Li Hong, the chief operating officer of China Resources Microelectronics, accepts an exclusive interview with CCTV Finance to talk about the situation of China Resources Micro under the global chip shortage environment, as well as how to deal with this situation and its future layout.

   Since the second half of 2020, multi-dimensional demand has been in full force, and semiconductors have ushered in a booming year; due to changes in the international situation, domestic productivity has accelerated, and the impact of the epidemic has increased people’s demand for electronic products. At present, 5G, new energy vehicles, and housing economy The pull of multiple demands has led to an increase in demand for chips, causing the world to generally face chip shortages.

  China Resources Micropower Semiconductor MOSFET, IGBT, analog products, MCU, MEMS, and other series of products have high market demand, full orders, and production capacity in short supply. The overall performance in 2020 is significantly better than the same period of the previous year. According to the performance increase announcement, both operating income and profit have increased.

  Due to the increase in demand on the demand side, the supply relationship is strained, and the adequacy of raw materials has become the focus of various companies. Changes in the international situation have increased the uncertainty in the supply of raw materials, and there may be delays in delivery, limited supply or increased prices. The company has made inventory adjustments in response to these problems and established dynamic safety stocks to ensure that raw materials are not available. Blocked.

  Judging from the current order volume, it is expected that the tight supply will continue for a longer period of time. In order to meet the supply demand as much as possible, China Resources Micro has adjusted its production capacity structure for some products with tight supply and demand to increase supply and ease the tight supply and demand. From the second half of the year, China Resources Micro has made appropriate price adjustments based on market rules.


China Resources Micro actively expanded production to meet market demand. The construction of Wuxi’s 8-inch production line has already started, and it is expected to release part of its production capacity this year; Chongqing’s 8-inch production line upgrade project will add a portion of its production capacity this year; the 12-inch production line is expected to contribute production capacity in 2022.

   Chip independent innovation and vertical domain innovation were mentioned in the two sessions. For these aspects, China Resources Micro's prospects are worth looking forward to.

   In the current situation of tight power semiconductor production capacity, China Resources Micro, as a scarce company with IDM mode in China, can significantly increase its voice in the industry. From the perspective of leading global power semiconductor companies, the IDM model is more conducive to product iteration, process control, and coordinated development of customer channels; the company currently ranks among the forefront of the industry in terms of product category, process platform, and capacity scale, and its development prospects are worth looking forward to. It is expected to benefit from the general trend of domestic substitution, continue to increase performance, and also play its own advantages to contribute to the industry's accelerated realization of domestic substitution.



This year, the country will write the development of third-generation semiconductors into the "Forty-fifth National Economic and Social Development Plan of the People's Republic of China and the Outline of Long-Term Goals for 2035."

   As a leader in the industry, China Resources Micro has been actively deploying third-generation semiconductors in recent years; it has held a new sic product launch conference at the Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich on July 4, 2020, and officially launched 1200v and 650v industrial-grade sic Schott diodes into the market At the same time, it announced that the first 6-inch commercial sic wafer production line in China was officially mass-produced. At the same time, in terms of GaN, 6-inch and 8-inch products were researched and developed simultaneously, and at the same time, the company was actively taking advantage of the company’s entire industrial chain. In terms of materials, device design, manufacturing process, and packaging process, the R&D work of silicon-based gallium nitride products has been laid out as its due contribution to the rapid development of the industry and the realization of domestic substitution.