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TDK chip capacitor technology

Manufacture components from scratch. Without a deep understanding of the material, this is absolutely impossible.

   TDK's technical feature is to develop original materials from raw materials, and manufacture unique electronic components from values that have not yet existed. This is proof of a deep understanding of material properties.

  Moreover, TDK's technical ability to manufacture high-precision micro-components is also at the top level in the world. Because it is TDK that can do it, this is the key to the inability to do it. "Five Core Technologies" for manufacturing cutting-edge electronic components.

  From the manufacturing of magnetic materials and ferrites as the starting point, to the laminated product series of electronic components, the production process of the thin film series, and the spintronics technology that stores information through the rotation of each electron.

   TDK uses a variety of nanotechnology to continuously challenge all the possibilities of magnetic materials.

   Now I will introduce you to the "5 core technologies" that support various advanced challenges.

   Material technology is the crystallization of more than 80 years of history and technology. It is TDK's material technology that pursues various characteristics of materials from the atomic level and meets advanced needs. For example, in the material design stage, the required characteristics can be achieved through the ratio of main raw materials and the control of trace additives. These are the results of technical know-how accumulated through extensive experiments and research for more than 80 years. Become the unique core competitiveness of TDK that other companies cannot follow. The processing technology implements nano-level control. It is the processing technology that digs out the material characteristics to the greatest extent. Thin-film technology enables nanometer (1 billionth of a meter) control such as spintronics to create the most advanced electronic components.

"For example, forming a thin film on a wafer and constructing electrodes, coils, magnetic head materials, etc.

   is also used in HDD heads and thin film elements.

  Evaluation and simulation technology are used to accurately analyze the ultimate precision of nanotechnology.

   No matter how excellent the material or processing technology is, it is impossible to successfully develop a product without properly evaluated technology and simulation technology. TDK's evaluation simulation technology is widely used in material analysis and analysis, product structure, heat and magnetic field simulation analysis, and application of anechoic chamber noise measurement and suppression.

   is constantly developing the ultimate accuracy of detecting nanotechnology. Product design technology is a "product design technology" that uses accumulated knowledge and experience and new ideas to create product value.

   This is a technology that integrates various online materials and electronic components based on the understanding of the application method of the product to produce safe and reliable electronic equipment and the best combination of modules. Software design that takes full advantage of electronic equipment and modules is also an extremely important technology. In addition, we also provide energy components that integrate power conversion, power storage, and energy control functions that are indispensable in sustainable social life.

  Production technology manufactures product production equipment in-house.

   The manufacture of excellent products requires excellent production equipment. While developing a unique production process, the company also manufactures production equipment that realizes this process in-house, which has become a feature and great advantage of TDK's manufacturing. Through further improvement of QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery), we will promote the integrated production from materials to products.

   No matter where it is produced in the world, it can maintain the same product quality.

   This is the technical strength of TDK. The benchmark of manufacturing pursued by TDK is to achieve "regional freedom", so that products can be manufactured with the same quality regardless of where they are produced in the world. Apply and develop the mechatronics technology accumulated in the process of manufacturing electronic components, and provide the most advanced FA equipment such as loading ports and flip-chip packaging machines that match the sizes of IC wafers. In addition, a variety of TDK sensors are installed in industrial robots and manufacturing production lines, enabling real-time management from production status to quality. Analyzing data in cloud analysis can also help prevent defects and predict equipment failures.