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Based on power devices, China Resources Micro promotes the process of localization

Compared with many domestic companies with semiconductor manufacturing business, China Resources Micro's development dynamics can be said to be all-round; on the hot topic: how to fight the epidemic and gradually resume production, China Resources Microelectronics is doing its part to become the number one research object. China Resources Micro’s projects involved in research and development have been awarded national and provincial projects, and the group’s headquarters has been materialized through internal structural reforms. A-share science and technology innovation board has been listed and the first 3 billion 8-inch line fundraising project has been drafted. Chongqing’s 12-inch production line will be expanded. , All aspects go hand in hand.

In January 2019, Chongqing CR Micro's "Power Semiconductor Technology Innovation Center" was inaugurated, comprehensively deploying research in the forward-looking fields of power semiconductors, focusing on the R&D of LVMOS, SGMOS, etc. and their modules, and the specific performance is the construction of high-performance computing and simulation design platforms, First-class power electronic device reliability test platform, and strive to be recognized by the national enterprise R&D center before the end of this year.

The "Key Technologies and Applications of High-Performance MEMS Device Design and Manufacturing" project participated by China Resources Group won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award at the National Science and Technology Awards Conference held by the State Council in Beijing on the morning of January 10. The Jiangsu Provincial Government issued the "Decision on Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Awards in 2019", and the topic of "Key Technologies and Applications in the Design and Preparation of Smart Power Drive Chips" participated by China Resources Group became 45 projects that won the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology First Prize. one. China Resources Microelectronics has truly achieved "Technology is the primary productive force".

China Resources Shanghua cooperated with Southeast University, Jiangsu Intersense, Southeast University, Wuxi Xinpengwei, and Wuxi Xinjieneng for two projects and successfully completed them. The projects are "Key Technologies and Applications for the Design and Manufacturing of High-Performance MEMS Devices" and "Key Technologies and Applications for the Design and Preparation of Smart Power Drive Chips".

"Key technologies and applications for the design and manufacture of high-performance MEMS devices" has developed MEMS design technologies and design tools, manufacturing processes and online testing, and high-performance pressure sensor technologies in response to key technical issues in my country’s micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) industry chain. The development of my country's MEMS technology industrialization.

 "Key technologies and applications for the design and preparation of smart power drive chips" has successfully constructed a complete technology chain of smart power drive chips and realized the independent design and preparation of chips. The project involves a wide range of technologies, including high and low voltage compatible process technology, anti-instantaneous electrical shock circuit technology, low loss power device technology and high power density integrated interconnection technology. Among them, the core technology has obtained 118 Chinese invention patents (total), and the United States 8 patents; it has reached the international leading level in 600V~1000V multi-potential floating substrate high and low voltage compatible technology and anti-instantaneous electrical shock circuit technology.

These two projects have successfully developed 11 software modules including high-precision silicon anisotropic corrosion simulation, thick-resist photolithography process simulation, process flow simulation, etc., and realized commercialization; more than 40 domestic users are exported to the United States, Japan, etc. . The key technology has been used in China Resources Shanghua's large-scale production line, forming a mass production capacity and OEM for more than 100,000 pieces for domestic and foreign users, providing strong technical support for the production of MEMS devices such as pressure sensor series and microphone series. Products have been widely used in intelligent electronics, industrial control, environmental monitoring and other fields. P-Sub/P-Epi-based 600V-1000V multi-potential floating substrate high and low voltage compatible process platform was created for the first time, and a dual strip N-well assisted depletion-type Divided-RESURF isolation structure and low loss "U-shape" were invented Trench 600V SOI-LIGBT power device. This technology platform provides process technical support for the company's various highly reliable intelligent power drive chip products, and at the same time provides foundry services for many domestic and foreign companies.


Involved in the three mainstream businesses of China Resources Micropower Semiconductors, Smart Sensors and Smart Control. It can be said that the internal organizational reform of China Resources Micro and the appreciation of the sci-tech innovation board stock market are all related to this. Su Wei, general manager of the foundry business group of China Resources Microelectronics, said: "The localization of integrated circuits contains huge opportunities. While supporting the company's product business development, China Resources Microelectronics is willing to work with local industry chain partners to develop new technologies and provide features. We will work with our customers to lay out the hot spots in the Chinese semiconductor market."