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TDK chip capacitor technology

TDK chip capacitor technology

2018/11/01 Morning 08:32:00
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Manufacturing components from scratch. Without a deep understanding of the material, this is absolutely impossible.
The technical characteristics of TDK are to develop independently from raw materials and to create unique electronic components from the value that has not existed so far. This is proof of a deep understanding of the material properties.
Moreover, TDK's technical capabilities in manufacturing high-precision micro-components are also at the top of the world. Because it is TDK's ability to do it, the key is that it can't be done. “Big Core Technology” for the most advanced electronic components.
From the manufacture of magnetic materials and ferrites as a starting point, to a series of laminated products of electronic components, a series of film production processes, and spintronics technology for storing information by rotation of each electron.
TDK uses a variety of nanotechnology to continuously challenge all possibilities of magnetic materials.
Now we introduce you to the “5 core technologies” that support the challenges of various advanced challenges.
Material technology has more than 80 years of history and technology. It is TDK's material technology that pursues the various characteristics of materials at the atomic level and meets advanced needs. For example, in the material design stage, the desired characteristics are achieved by the ratio of the main raw materials and the control of the trace additives. These are the results of more than 80 years of technology and accumulated through extensive experiments and research. Become a core competency that TDK is unique in that it cannot be emulated by other companies. Processing technology implements nanoscale control. The technology that maximizes the material properties is the processing technology. Thin film technology enables nano (1 billionth of a meter) level control of spintronics to create the most advanced electronic components.
For example, a thin film is formed on a wafer and electrodes, coils, magnetic head materials, and the like are assembled.
It is also used in magnetic heads and thin film elements for HDD.
Evaluation and simulation techniques are used to correctly analyze the ultimate accuracy of nanotechnology.
No matter how excellent materials or processing technology, if you don't have the right technology and simulation technology, you can't develop it successfully. TDK's evaluation simulation technology is widely used in the analysis and analysis of materials, product construction, simulation analysis of heat and magnetic fields, and noise measurement and suppression in applications of anechoic chambers.
The ultimate accuracy of detecting nanotechnology is constantly being developed. Product design technology uses the accumulated knowledge and experience of new years to create product design techniques for product value.
This is a technology that combines various online materials and electronic components to create safe and reliable electronic equipment and optimal combination modules based on the understanding of the application methods of the products. Software design that leverages the power of electronic devices and modules is also an extremely important technology. In addition, we also provide energy components that are indispensable in sustainable social life, integrating power conversion, storage and energy control functions.
Production technology manufactures product production equipment within the company.
The manufacture of excellent products requires excellent production equipment. While developing a unique production process, it also manufactures production equipment that realizes this process within the company, which has become a feature and great advantage of TDK manufacturing. By further improving QCD (quality, cost, delivery), we will promote integrated production from materials to products.
No matter where in the world, it can maintain the same product quality.
This is the technical strength of TDK. TDK's pursuit of manufacturing benchmarks is to achieve "regional freedom", to achieve production in the same quality regardless of where in the world. The application and development of mechatronics technology accumulated in the process of manufacturing electronic components, providing state-of-the-art FA equipment such as load-input and flip-chip packaging machines that match the IC's various wafer sizes. In addition, a variety of TDK sensors are installed in industrial robots and manufacturing lines, enabling real-time management from production to quality. Analysis of data in cloud analysis can also help prevent failures, predict device failures, and more.