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Interoperability and Win-Win New Landscape - and Ruihua Century was invited to attend the Suzhou China Resources Semiconductor Summit

Interoperability and Win-Win New Landscape - and Ruihua Century was invited to attend the Suzhou China Resources Semiconductor Summit

2019/08/24 Morning 10:24:00
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---Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

---Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

Foreword: On June 12, 2019, Mr. Guo Daqin, the general manager of Shenzhen Ruihua Century Technology Co., Ltd., was invited by the Suzhou Electronics Association to attend the summit to discuss the development plan and distribution construction of the semiconductor industry with colleagues in the electronics industry.

- At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Teng Biao pointed out the trend of the semiconductor industry, analyzing the pros and cons! Cheers on the spot. The conference focused on the theme of interoperability, creating a future, and promoting the high-quality development of the domestic semiconductor industry and conducting in-depth exchanges.

  Dr. Teng Biao used the "square agreement" of the 1980s as an example to analyze the sharp appreciation of the yen at that time. Compared with 1984, the average exchange rate of the Japanese yen against the US dollar in 1986 increased by 52.8%, until 1988. The increase to 90.4% directly hit the export competitiveness of Japanese semiconductors.
However, instead of implementing any measures to support domestic semiconductors, the Japanese government has asked the Japanese semiconductor industry to automatically reduce exports to the United States. Automatically increase the export price to the United States, which directly led to the U-turn of the Japanese semiconductor industry.
  Dr. Teng Biao pointed out at the meeting: the industry is rigid and lacks innovation! It's not just a question of the past, it's also a problem facing the modern era! Bacon said: "When you see Wang Yang, you think that there are people without land, but they are poor explorers." Our future explorers will be equipped with innovative swords, piercing the daggers of unknown obstacles, revealing the truth and becoming true. The spirit of all things.
  Dr. Teng Wei pointed out that it is necessary to seize market opportunities and continuously expand domestic demand! China is the world's largest semiconductor market and accounts for about half of the world's total. Driven by the rapid development of emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things, the domestic demand market is still growing at a high speed. More than 80% of the integrated circuit products required by the domestic market still need to rely on imports. It can be said that the domestic market is seized. The key to implementing imports to replace the development of China's semiconductor industry!
Dr. Teng Biao’s lectures
Meeting style
  The integrated circuit semiconductor industry is a global industry, regardless of research and development, decision-making, construction, testing, packaging, etc., can not be completed in a single country. In the process of upgrading the Sino-US trade war, during the period of localization of the electronic information industry, Mr. Guo Daqin, Shenzhen Ruihua Century Technology Co., Ltd., as a representative of the company and the electronics association, walked out of Shenzhen and gathered in the Yangtze River economic zone, the land of fish and rice, Jiangsu, and The semiconductor industry in the Yangtze River Delta region has made decision-making, construction, testing and testing, and the company has frank dialogue, exchange visits, and exchanges. Through various exchanges and complementary advantages of their respective resources, enterprises in the two places can achieve mutual benefit and win-win, help more enterprises to benefit, brand and internationalize, and make greater contributions to the development of China's semiconductor industry. The atmosphere of the summit was lively, and all the colleagues expressed their views and brought new ideas and new paths to the semiconductor industry.
Mr. Guo Daqin, General Manager of Shenzhen Ruihua Century, took a group photo with colleagues
  The so-called grand strategy and big development must have a big vision and a big idea, and we must have a big role and a big role. Ruihua Century is fully committed to the development of the integrated circuit semiconductor industry, accelerating the gathering of the electronics industry, improving the high-quality development of the industry, electronic civilization, and the peak of technology in the coastal hinterland. Shenzhen Ruihua Century Technology Co., Ltd., is the courage to come to the future, bursting out of vigorous potential, gathering elements, strong rise, seize new opportunities, and seek new development!