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Corporate Governance

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The basic idea


In order to contribute to the company's sustainable development and the medium and long-term improvement of corporate value, Ruihua formulated the "Basic Policy for Corporate Governance" in 2014. The idea of ​​this basic policy is as follows (excerpt from the content)


(1) "Headquarters: Hong Kong Ruihua Electronics Co., Ltd." was established in 1988 to realize the world's first service system culture and sustainable industrial culture to realize the collectivization of electronic components inside and outside China. The entrepreneurial spirit of creativity, giving back to culture and industry, through continuous pursuit of originality, providing sustainable creation and development of high-value products and services, continuously enhance the foundation of the enterprise and contribute to the creation of longer-term opportunities.


(2) Respond to social issues while satisfying the satisfaction, trust and support of all stakeholders (shareholders, customers, trading targets, employees, local society, etc.), insist on doing useful to society, and develop for sustainable society. Contribute.


(3) Clearly declare in the "Corporate Action Charter" that both domestic and foreign countries must respect human rights, abide by relevant laws and regulations, international rules and spirits, and fulfill their social responsibilities with a high degree of ethics. All members of Ruihua will strictly act in accordance with the code of conduct set out in the "Corporate Ethics Program".


(4) Strive to be a member of the society and strive to create a sound corporate culture and earnestly carry out corporate activities while fulfilling business objectives and further enhancing corporate value through the practice of corporate purposes and production activities.


(5) Fulfilling accountability by exposing information to stakeholders in a detailed, accurate, timely and fair manner






Corporate governance structure


1. Adopt supervisory system and strengthen supervision function


At the same time as the company's law adopts the supervisory system, it hires independent external supervisors (one of the three) who have no interest, and strengthens the supervision function of the operation.


2. Strengthen the board's functions and rigorous responsibilities


By forming a board of directors with a small number of people, we seek to achieve rapid decision-making in business operations, and at the same time hire independent independent directors (three people) who are not interested, and strengthen the supervision function of the operation. In addition, in order to ensure the opportunity for shareholders to trust the directors in each business year, the term of the directors is set to one year.


3. Adopting the executive director system to quickly execute business


The executive director system is adopted to separate the business decision-making of the board of directors and the business supervision function of the directors from the business execution functions. The executive director assumes the business execution function and implements the business quickly by implementing the decision of the board of directors and making decisions based on business decisions.