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Shenzhen U Wants Electronic Century Technology LTD. is a high-tech enterprise under Hong Kong U Wants Electronic LTD., which is responsible for investment, development and management. U Wants Electronic LTD. was founded in 2006, mainly selling electronic components (capacitors, resistors, diodes and transistor). 2014-2019 has founded Shenzhen U Wants Century Ltd, Dongguan U Wants Electronic Ltd., and other companies to serve the market and end customers. In 2017, U Wants Semiconductor Technology Ltd. was founded, mainly responsible for designing and developing the main control chip. From 2015 to 2020, it has become the agent and distributor of well-known domestic brands such as Lilong, Huajing microelectronics and Xiangjiang tantalum capacitor. In 2020, U Wants ODM/OEM Ltd. will be established to provide end customers with product research and development solutions. After many years of development and a series of integration, the company has successfully provided simplified and cost-saving products and solutions for many enterprise customers.
In 2019, the company will focus on the field of power semiconductor and intelligent sensor, providing customers with serialized semiconductor products and services. In the future, the company will focus on its own semiconductor advantages, improve its semiconductor technology and combine internal and external resources to continuously promote the development of the company and further transform into a comprehensive and integrated product company. It is determined to carry out China's semiconductor industry and become the world's leading supplier of power semiconductor and intelligent sensor products and solutions.
With the growth of scale, the company attaches importance to social responsibility. In 2019, it will become a director of shenzhen electronic chamber of commerce, and actively promote the domestic electronic industry to the whole world. With the mission of "leading commercial progress and creating a better life together", ruihua has effectively promoted industrial development and made due contributions to improving the quality of life of the public by constantly innovating business models and building product and service brands.


Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the "independent innovation, integrity management, continuous stability" as the company's development purposes, is willing to provide our customers with reasonable prices, quality, fast and convenient business services

Corporate philosophy


We always put the quality of our products first. No matter how difficult it is, we will continue to provide a large number of quality products for domestic and foreign users and contribute to the progress and improvement of culture.

Basic management policy

The company is united and ensures appropriate profit while thoroughly implementing quality assurance activities. In order to manufacture world-leading commodities, efforts should be made to improve the unique technologies of all sectors so that the company can continue to grow. Ensuring a sound and stable life, cultivating rich humanity and intellectuality, and contributing to society. Recruit talents and build on them to make them the foundation of the company's long-term prosperity.


Basic policy of quality management

  • We promote internal standardization throughout the company and establish a system for managing data.
  • Conduct comprehensive and continuous investigation activities and commit to the development of new technologies and new products.
  • Statistical methods should be used actively and flexibly in all activities of the enterprise.
  • A quality assurance system should be established in all production processes.
  • Constantly pursue the modernization of production methods and strive to reduce product costs.
  • When purchasing materials or semi-finished products, the supplier shall guarantee the quality in the form of a contract.

Basic goal of education and training

  • Whether it is an operator, a manager, a supervisor or a general practitioner, efforts should be made to continuously absorb new knowledge and cultivate people with broad horizons and scientific judgment.
  • Cultivate people who can make the most of their knowledge and experience and be the best and hard-working in their positions.
  • Cultivate people who can't give up their way even if they are in adversity.
  • Thoroughly promote the spirit of “self in the team” and cultivate people who prioritize collective glory.

Basic policy of education and training

  • All practitioners must seize every opportunity and strive to inspire themselves.
  • All those in leadership positions should take the initiative to take the lead in any situation.
  • Education and training should be based on the direct training of their supervisors in their daily work, while implementing education and training outside the factory.
  • Leaders at all levels should conduct objective evaluations of their subordinates, and they should plan and continue to provide effective education and training.
  • In principle, the evaluation of leaders at all levels should be judged according to the effect of education and training conducted by the subordinates.